Work Experience

Cropwell Bishop Creamery

I worked as a Production Order Processing Clerk from (01,09,2022 - 01,04,2023) - During my time at the creamery, I worked in the office, sorting the orders of various clients to allow other departments to process the products correctly.

Alongisde this, I completed the paperwork necessary for dispatching the products.

Earl of Chesterfield

the most recent job I aquired was at the Earl of Chesterfield. I was a pot washer at this restaurant where I completed various tasks like washing pots cleaning surfaces, I was also entrusted locking up the restaurant on nightshifts.

Cake Decorating Company

The second company I worked for was the Cake Decorating Company. I completed picking orders which involved the collecting of different products located in the warehouse, these items would then be placed on the packing bench to be packed.

While working at this establishment I handled various machines and devices such as the shrink wrap machine and other devices.

Sue Ryder

the first job I had was at a small charity shop called Sue Ryder which I performed volunteer work in where I executed the following, working at the till and serving customers while, helping behind the counter to lift heavy objects and restock the shelves when empty.